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 1 Color Table Throws White Ink


Table Throw Printing comes in 1 color, and comes in 2 different sizes. We directly print onto the table throw material. Showcase your message anytime, anywhere with a printed table throw. These table throws are cheap - but not in quality - and allow your business to add a professional look to your tradeshow or convention booth. What better way to get your message across than with a full-color printed table throw? Your company logo and message can be displayed on the table top, as well as along the sides of the table throws.

Note: Due to material all substrates may expand or shrink from batch to batch, making exact cuts very difficult. We do not recommend borders. If you would like borders please make sure they are at least 2" thick. We will not reprint if the borders are not exactly the same on all sides.

Table Throw Uses:
  • Signage
  • Displays
  • Graphic/Decorative Applications

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