Custom print your event tickets for all events. Free perforation ! Free UV coating!

Event tickets are perfect for organizing and promoting events. Numbering and perforation available.

Available in various sizes and on multiple paper stocks.

Minimum Quantity: Varies(depending on the paper stock.)

Sizes Available: 2" x 5.5" • 2" x 7" • 2" x 11" • 3.5" x 8.5".

• 14pt Gloss Cover.
• 14pt Premium Uncoated Cover.
• 16pt Dull Cover(Matte Finish).
• 100lb Recycled Dull Cover with Matte Finish.
• 100lb Gloss Cover.
• 100lb Cover Embossed Linen.
• 100lb Cover Sand Embossed.
• 10pt Cross-Hatch Embossed.
• 12pt Ivory.
• 14pt Silver Metallic.

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Available Sizes

2 x 5.52 x 72 x 113.5 x 8.5

Material Types
14pt Gloss Cover

One of our most popular cover stock. Widely used for business cards, postcards, catalog covers, presentation folders, and more.

14pt Uncoated Cover

This is a very versatile stock. The uncoated finish is not slick nor shiny, and completely writable on both sides. Highly absorbent, this paper stock is the perfect choice for ink stamping.

16pt Premium Matte Cover(Matte Finish)

A little (~15%) thicker and heavier than 14pt cover paper. The matte finish on both sides offer an overall subdued appearance with softer, dreamier colors than our glossy stocks. It is pleasant to the eyes and smooth to the touch. Ideal for writing, but not ink stamping.

100lb Recycled Dull Cover with Matte Finish

Finely coated with an non-reflective dull finish, this stock provides an excellent opaque base for easy to read, crisp typography. Made from recycled materials, it is a perfect choice for our eco-friendly customers!

100lb Gloss Cover

This glossy, thicker and heavier card stock produces vibrant colors, typically coated on both sides. Because of its thickness, it is not ideal for folding unless scored first. It is often used for durable brochures, catalog covers, flyers, door hangers,..etc.

100lb Cover Embossed Linen

Feels like delicate linen woven cloth. This type of paper provides a professional, elegant, and refined look. The perfect choice for letterheads, business cards, and envelopes,..etc.

100lb Cover Sand Embossed

Make an impression with this sand embossed cover stock. Its textured surface gives it a one-of-a-kind feel to anyone that touches it.

10pt Cross-Hatch Embossed

Beautiful semi-glossy 10pt card stock with a grip-like, cross-hatch texture present on both sides. Unlike the 100lb Linen Embossed paper, the embossed criss-cross lines appear more uniform and square-shaped.

12pt Ivory

Ivory bright white, uncoated card stock for a clean classic look. This is one of our economical premium business card and greeting card options. Distinguish yourself without breaking your wallet.

14pt Silver Metallic

Create a beautiful effect with this silver colored metallic paper. All silver metallic cards are embedded with silver fibers giving its unique subtle shimmer. A paper stock like no others.


UV Coating -Front Only

The most commonly used coating option. UV(Ultra Violet-Cured) Coating provides a super high glossy finish which enhances color vibrancy and clarity on the front of a printed piece. Its hard durable coating provides good abrasion resistance and limited protection from water. The uncoated backside is suitable for writing with a ballpoint pen.

UV Coating -Front & Back

The most commonly used coating option. UV (Ultraviolet-Cured) Coating provides a super high gloss finish which enhances color vibrancy and clarity on the entire printed piece. Its hard durable coating provides good abrasion resistance and limited protection against water. UV coated products cannot be written on easily.

Matte Finish(Indoor)

Uncoated     -Front & Back

No coating will be applied-it will retain its original look & feel.

Please note: Most uncoated paper have a porous surface making it highly absorbent to ink. Colors could appear duller, less vibrant, and perceptively less crisp. If printing with dark colored backgrounds, chipping may occur along the edges. Lighter colors are highly recommended for best results.

AQ (Aqueous)   -Front & Back

A medium-glossy, water-based eco-friendly coating applied to the front of a printed piece. Aqueous (AQ) coating prevents fingerprints, provides good sheet protection, and can be written on with a ballpoint pen.

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